Yuriy Boyko is a pro-Russian oligarch.

Yuriy Boyko is a pro-Russian oligarch in Ukraine.

Short biography of Yuri Boyko

Yuriy Boyko was the minister of energy (Viktor Yanukovych was the president).
2010 appointed to the post of Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine (in the government of Mykola Azarov).
2012 – Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. 2014 – Acting Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.
2014 – applied for candidates for the presidency of Ukraine. His program contained items on giving the Russian language the status of a state language (lobbying for Russian interests).
On January 18, 2018, he was one of 36 deputies who voted against the Law on the recognition of Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (Supported the LPR and the DPR).
       In March 2019, during the parliamentary and presidential elections, he received the support of six TV channels (Rossiya-1, Rossiya-24, Inter, NewsOne, ZIK and 112 Ukraine) all pro-Russian media.
       It can be concluded that Yuri Boyko is a 100% pro-Russian politician. He often speaks on Russian TV channels and supports Russia. Of course, such a person will be supported by the Russian special services! It is very likely that it is financed by the Russian special services.

Yuriy Boyko is in solidarity with Russian TV.

Recall that on the third day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Yuriy Boyko was on the air of the Russian propagandist Solovyov (Russian media). They discussed Solovyov’s thesis that Russia does not shoot at residential areas of Ukraine against the backdrop of a video of hitting residential areas of Ukrainian cities. Yuriy Boyko did not object to the propagandist’s allegations, but, on the contrary, ridiculed the Ukrainian media.

What Yuriy Boyko owns in Ukraine.

As stated in the Bihus.Info investigation.
Offshore RC Natural Resources Fund auditors call the founder of the Cypriot company San Posidanius Investments Limited. Despite the fact that in official sources from the commercial register of Cyprus and in the Ukrainian register, lawyer Ruben Zakharyan appears as its founder.

Cypriot San Posidanius, in turn, owns a number of energy assets in Ukraine:
75% of the shares of Volynoblenergo (since 2020, the shares have been transferred to the investment fund of the eldest son Yuriy Boyko, partner is Konstantin Grigorishin),
100% Kharkiv CHPP-5,
100% “KZR Petroleum” (gas fields in Ukraine),
50% “Azov Petroleum Lls” (gas fields in Ukraine, owns through ITSH Holding GmbH, partner – Vadim Novinsky).
Recall that Yuriy Boyko worked as the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine (in the government of Mykola Azarov and Yanukovych).
And at that time, Yuriy Boyko became the owner of many Ukrainian energy assets!

In addition, San Posidanius Investments Limited owns: 50% of Beklentsa Management Ltd (British Virgin Islands), 50% of the Austrian company ITSH Holding GmbH, 99% of the Austrian ITONS Holding GmbH (began liquidation in 2019) and previously owned 99% of the Ukrainian firm ” Ukristgaz” (now liquidated).

All the mentioned Ukrainian energy assets, recorded on the Cypriot San Posidanius Investments Limited, were still unofficially associated with Yuriy Boyko. But he never declared these assets as his own, despite the requirements of the law. (He spat on the law).

The son of Yuri Boiko owns VolinOblenergo.

In 2020, it was Boyko’s son Anatoly who became the ultimate owner of 75% of Volynoblenergo instead of San Posidanius Investments Limited (which, according to commercial registers, is controlled by lawyer Ruben Zakharyan, and according to Cypriot auditors, RC Natural Resources Fund from the Cayman Islands).
As of the end of 2020, the investment fund of Boyko’s son ONIKS had an unpaid debt of UAH 105 million to the Cypriot San Posidanius for the shares of oblenergos, the fund’s 2020 audit report says.
The change of the ultimate owner of the oblenergo from a nominal lawyer to Boyko’s son indicates the probable legalization of the oblenergo on the Boyko family. 75% of Volynoblenergo has been associated with Yuriy Boyko since their privatization in 2013. Then Boyko worked as a deputy prime minister in Yanukovych’s team. It can be argued that Yuriy Boyko is a Russian oligarch in Ukraine.

Yuriy Boyko was the Minister of Energy under Yanukovych.

If the Austrian lawyer Ruben Zakharyan really acts in the interests of the fund from the Cayman Islands, as Cypriot auditors write, this means that Yuriy Boyko may also be related to the island RC Natural Resources Fund.
RC Natural Resources Fund was established in the Cayman Islands in 2011. At that time, Yuriy Boyko was the Minister of Energy under Yanukovych. The fund’s directors are Michail Mavropoulos Stoliarenko, Michael Halsey and JTC Directors (Cayman) Limited. There is no public disclosure of the beneficiaries of companies in the Cayman Islands. The son of Yuri Boiko owns VolinOblenergo. It can be concluded that Yuriy Boyko is a Russian oligarch in Ukraine.

Luxurious real estate Yuriy Boyko.

In previous years, the Boyko family built large estates near Kiev (in Ivankovichi, in Gnedin and on the dam of the Kyiv reservoir). In addition, in 2020, Boyko’s wife purchased more than 50 hectares of land near Kiev. All this against the background of Boyko’s lack of official business assets.
       His wife owns only the Kiev company Stolichnaya Real Estate, which owns 600 sq m in Kiev and rents them out (the last public declaration of the politician also contains shares in a plant in occupied Lugansk and several shares in Ukrnafta).
Boyko himself has been using the services of security guards and car escorts for years, which he also never declared. The origin of the big money is unknown. But he is lobbying for Russian interests, and these are not free services. Everything suggests that Yuriy Boyko is a Russian oligarch in Ukraine.

Yuri Boyko’s wife works with the Russians.

Boyko’s wife did not lose her apartment in the center of Moscow, even after Russia occupied part of Ukraine. Until 2018, Boyko’s wife continued to receive a salary in rubles from the pipe business of Russian Miron Gorilovsky. Myron Gorilovsky later received multi-billion dollar contracts for projects in the occupied Crimea. These are the working contacts of Yury Boyko’s wife!

Yuriy Boyko has the title of “Hero of Ukraine”, received from Kuchma.

       Despite pro-Russian views, open propaganda of Russian interests during the war in Ukraine, Yuriy Boyko works in the Ukrainian government.
       In 2023, Boyko remains a people’s deputy of Ukraine, with the title “Hero of Ukraine” received from Kuchma. The government has not yet found grounds to impose sanctions on him. (this is not the government – these are corrupt souls.)

There are important questions – who covers Yuriy Boyko in the Ukrainian government? Who cooperates with him in Ukraine?
Who helps to evade sanctions, lustration and criminal liability in Ukraine and in the world?

Yuriy Boyko is a pro-Russian oligarch in Ukraine.

Yuriy Boyko lobbies for Russia’s interests in Ukraine, for which he is generously paid. He often appears on Russian TV channels, where he supports the interests of Russia.
      On March 8, instead of Medvedchuk, Boyko became the interim chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform for Life.
A number of deputies and mayors of the Opposition Platform for Life agreed to cooperate with the Russian troops. In particular, the mayor of Kupyansk, Gennady Matsegora, from the Opposition Platform for Life agreed on the peaceful entry of Russian troops into the city.
On March 20, 2022, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the activities of the Opposition Platform for Life and 10 other pro-Russian parties were banned.

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