Yulia Tymoshenko defends Corruption

Yulia Tymoshenko defends Corruption

The leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, and a group of her fellow party members came to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court to bail the person involved in the case of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, on fraud for 206 million hryvnias. This was reported by the Anti-Corruption Center.

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court chooses a measure of restraint for a businessman from the city of Poltava, Sergei Belashov, who heads the Batkivshchyna faction in the Poltava Rada and is the owner of the Ukrainian Capital bank. He appears in the case of fraud in the purchase of gas for the needs of the Ukrainian Railways enterprise.

Together with Yulia Tymoshenko, the following came to defend the corrupt official:

  1. Valentin Nalyvaichenko,
  2. Ivan Krulko,
  3. Vadim Ivchenko,
  4. Ivan Kirilenko

  and others.
They want to take Belashov on bail (protect him from punishment).

What do we see? The Batkivshchyna party is engaged in corruption. And Yulia Tymoshenko defends this corruption!

Why does Yulia Tymoshenko defend the Corrupt Official?

Why is Yulia Tymoshenko protecting a corrupt official? Sergei Belashov committed a crime – he must be punished according to the law of Ukraine. But Timoshenko defends Belashov. The question is why is she doing this?

The following motives can be assumed:
  • Sergei Belashov – fills the budget of the Batkivshchyna party with stolen money.
  • Yulia Tymoshenko personally receives part of this money.
  • Billions of dollars are not enough for these Kleptocrats – they want to buy up the entire industry of Ukraine, plants, factories, corporations, and become the rulers of Ukraine. And then the whole world!

... But these are only our assumptions – although why do they need so much money?

 The essence of the crime of Deputy Sergei Belashov

NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) detectives found that from December 2016 to January 2020, officials of the Ukrainian Railways branch of the Production Assurance Center conspired with representatives of gas companies and organized gas purchases bypassing tender procedures.

According to the investigation, the participants in the scheme agreed on an additional markup on gas. It in different periods ranged from 200 to 1000 UAH per 1000 cubic meters of “blue fuel”. But, employees of UR (Ukrainian Railways) deliberately concealed more favorable gas prices offered by other participants in the gas market. Thus, UR actually preferred two companies. The bribes received from the transaction, as established by law enforcement officers, were divided among a wide range of participants in the scheme.

Recall that the management of Ukrainian Railways has recently changed. After the dismissal of Alexander Kamyshin in February, Yevgeny Lyashchenko began to act as head. NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) drew attention to possible corruption in the joint-stock company after this appointment. In particular, in May, NABU, according to our information, carried out investigative actions against the director for economic and information security of the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company Eduard Krytsyn.

     Later, anti-corruption bureau detectives came with searches in the office of the head of the board of Ukrainian Railways  Yevgeny Lyashchenko. According to the interlocutor of the editorial office, we are talking about abuses found in the purchases of the railway.

Tymoshenko Lazarenko Putin and Russian gas.

      Recall who Yulia Tymoshenko is. There are still legends about the Timoshenko-Lazarenko tandem. Natives of Dnepropetrovsk created a gas scheme: all deliveries of oil products from Russia to Ukraine were controlled by a monopolist – the United Energy Systems of Ukraine. Pavel Lazarenko was allegedly responsible for the loyalty of the state, and Yulia Vladimirovna allegedly transferred money received for gas from Ukrainians to private accounts of the newly minted energy oligarchs.
               Yulia Tymoshenko – all the time participated in corruption scandals. Under each president of Ukraine, Tymoshenko worked with the strategic financial flows of Ukraine. She held high positions in the government of Ukraine. She lobbied her people to the prosecutor’s office, the courts, made her people ministers and directors of strategic state enterprises! Tymoshenko collaborated a lot with the Russians. Often went to the Kremlin for negotiations and signing contracts!
      Many times I met with Putin and his accomplices from the special services.


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