Ukrainian judge with Russian passport

Ukrainian judge with Russian passport

In their investigation, “Schemes” said that the judge of the Donetsk District Administrative Court, ukrainian judge with Russian passport, Lyudmila Arestova, according to an extract from the automated system “Rospassport”, is a citizen of the Russian Federation. The excerpt indicates that Arestova received a Russian passport on the basis of the so-called “treaty on the admission of Crimea to Russia” in 2014. according to which citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons, at that time permanently residing on the peninsula, were recognized as citizens of Russia.

Judge Lyudmila Arestova is a Russian citizen

With the help of the website of the Tax Service of the Russian Federation, it was possible to establish the individual tax number of the taxpayer in Russia of Lyudmila Arestova, tied to her passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
      The schemes found further evidence of Judge Arestova’s use of her Russian passport. A leak from the Russian air travel databases contains information that after the occupation of the peninsula in May 2014, Judge Arestova flew to Moscow. On May 11, the judge took off on a Simferopol-Domodedovo flight and returned to Crimea on May 14, 2014. In both cases, the judge used her Russian passport.

Ukrainian judge with Russian citizenship

      In addition, in the origins of the databases of clients of medical organizations in Russia, Schemes found information indicating the data of a Russian passport named Lyudmila Arestova and a tax number. In addition, the address of the mailbox is indicated there, which probably belongs to the son of Arestova, Maxim.
      The mention of Arestova is also in the database of the Russian medical laboratory Gemotest, the information from which was leaked in 2022, because of which the Russian court fined the medical institution 60 thousand rubles.
These records indicate that Lyudmila Arestova, when taking a coronavirus test, indicated the data of a Russian passport.

Lyudmila Arestova visited the occupied Crimea

The journalists also found out that in the period from 2018 to January 2022, the judge visited the occupied Crimea. The total number of days Arrestov spent on the peninsula was more than 250 days. The judge herself in the commentary stated that “there is no Russian citizenship”, at the same time she suggested that she “may have really been issued a passport”, like the rest of the registered residents of Crimea after the pseudo-referendum. Arestova explained her trips to the occupied island by the need to visit her parents.

And again the Security Service of Ukraine

     The journalists sent a request to the chairman of the VRJ (High Rada of Justice) Grigory Usik with a request to inform whether he or the members of the VRJ knew that the judge had Russian citizenship and whether this could affect the virtue of the judge. In response, the VRJ reported that it had applied to the Security Service of Ukraine to establish whether Judge Arestov really had Russian citizenship.

Persecution of freedom of speech in Ukraine

      The prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against journalists who discovered the citizenship of the Russian Federation from the Ukrainian judge.
      Who does the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office work for Russia?? The question remains open!


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