Ukrainian court lobbies for corruption

Ukrainian court lobbies for corruption

In Ukraine, the reform of the certification system for seafarers has been halted because ukrainian court lobbies for corruption. The decision of the Kyiv District Administrative Court stopped the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which eliminated the long-term corruption scheme of extortion from Ukrainian sailors.
This is how Judge Andriy Balaklitsky defended a corrupt scheme for taking bribes from Ukrainian sailors.

Ukrainian court lobby for corruption

This was announced on Facebook by the head of the CCC (Center for Combating Corruption) Vitaly Shabunin. “In short, thousands of dollars were extorted from sailors to obtain the necessary permits. More than 150,000 Ukrainian sailors were forced to pay bribes for their documents,” Shabunin said.
Earlier, the leaders of the sailors wrote to Shabunin that during the period of independence there was no such moment when documents were obtained so easily and transparently as since February 2023.

     But judge Andrei Balaklitsky in the Kyiv District Administrative Court, by his decision, returned the corruption scheme. He is lobbying for corruption and those criminals who receive bribes from sailors in Ukraine! And as a result, it undermines the trust of the seafaring community in the current government and law enforcement agencies! And not only sailors, the entire civil society is tired of corruption in Ukraine. Tired of seeing judges lobbying for corruption in the country. And not only corruption, Ukrainian judges often justify Russian spies who work to destroy Ukraine.

This is how the Ukrainian court lobbies for corruption instead of destroying it.

Andriy Balaklitsky lobbies for corruption in Ukraine

By the way, Andrei Balaklitsky is one of the “Maidan judges”. He banned peaceful gatherings in Vyshgorod in February 2014. At that time, the first protesters had already died. This judge lobbied for the interests of President Yanukovych and his entourage!
As we can see, there are still judges in Ukraine who should have been – LUSTRATED back in 2014!
What does it say? The fact that no judicial reform has occurred. The courts still have judges who lobby for corruption and Russian interests.


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