search of billionaire Vasily Khmelnitsky

Search of billionaire Vasily Khmelnitsky

And again, “useless” searches at the home of Vasily Khmelnitsky, a Ukrainian billionaire with Russian origin. NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau) conducted regular searches without results, indicative for society. It’s not even handing suspicion. Searches are associated in the Ukrainian society with the concept – “entertainment show”! Our community is confident.

Dmitry Varvarin politics and Khmelnitsky

      Recall Vasily Khmelnitsky previously sponsored the Green Party (not to be confused with the “Servant of the People”).
By the way, at one time there were persistent rumors that the election campaign of the Green Party of Ukraine, from which Vasily Khmelnitsky was first elected to parliament, was financed, among other things, by his accomplice, or curator from the Russian Federation Dmitry Varvarin. And again we see Russian money funding political parties in Ukraine! And who and how will work off this money?
      However, about a political career and ties with Russia – a little later, but for now – about the sale of Ukrainian property and capital land, which for Vasily Ivanovich Khmelnitsky is a familiar and regular thing.

How billionaire Vasily Khmelnitsky bought the economy of Ukraine

Influence on the economy of Ukraine – economic seizure of control over the enterprises “Kyivkhleb”, “Kyivenergoholding”, “Kyivmlyn”, the Poltava diamond plant, UMC, the Lisichansky plant for the production of sheet glass “Proletariy”, the pharmaceutical enterprise “Biopharm“, several Ukrainian oblenergos and even energy distribution companies Armenian systems. Something was sold, something was lost as a result of the war, something remained.

Loud scandals with Vasily Khmelnitsky:

  • Bankruptcy of Khreshchatyk Bank
  • purchase of 12 hectares of land in Kyiv, at a very low price.
  • Khmelnitsky buys a controlling stake in Zaporizhstal
  • Work with Varvarin, the privatization of Zaporizhstal took place at the expense of Varvarin (Russia).
  • The incomprehensible financing of the political project of Lyudmila Kuchma “Women for the Future” is obvious that it was gratitude .. in return for what?

Vasily Khmelnitsky and Russian intelligence

      During the presidency of Leonid Kuchma, Khmelnitsky managed to resolve the issue with Kuchma regarding problems with Russian citizenship. There were also strong suspicions that Khmelnitsky was an agent of the GID (General Intelligence Directorate of Russia). But the Kuchma government turned a blind eye to this.
     The fact remains that Vasily Khmelnytsky made a rapid political and business career in Ukraine. And he was a member of the closest circle of both Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yanukovych. He also finances the project of Lyudmila Kuchma “Women for the future”.
      By the way, Varvarin, with whose money Zaporizhstal was bought, was shot dead in 2000 in St. Petersburg, and evil tongues claim that Khmelnitsky and Ivanov never returned the money to Varvarin.

 Vasily Khmelnitsky’s business in Crimea

Search of billionaire Vasily Khmelnitsky

After the start of the war in 2014, Vasily Khmelnitsky marked himself by doing business in the occupied Crimea. Near Simferopol, a residential complex “Zhigulin Grove” was built. The developer was Capital Commercial Group (CCG), established in 2011. Since then, the owners of the company have changed several times. In 2016-2017, the Cypriot Synestra Trading Limited was the sole founder of the CCG. Until May 2016, shares in Synestra – from 50% to 66.7% – were owned by Ukrainian Property Development (UPD) Holdings Limited, owned by Vasily Khmelnitsky, which he himself confirmed.

Surprisingly, Khmelnytsky did not fall under sanctions for business in the Russian-occupied Crimea.
Thus, cooperation with the enemy (Russia) in the form of investing in Crimean real estate lasted at least three years – until 2018. However, if Derkach’s words are true – and they, apparently, are true – then for Vasily Khmelnitsky this is not cooperation with the enemy (Russia), but a special task. So everything is logical here.

Useless searches at Vasily Khmelnitsky

Judging by the fact that not employees of the SSU (security service of Ukraine), but employees of the NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau), came to Khmelnytsky with a search, these searches are unlikely to be connected with the Russian trace in his biography. Most likely, this is another raid by the Ruling Power in order to redistribute assets. But Khmelnytsky still has something to share.
  Vasily Khmelnitsky, of course, can be remembered for his very strange biography, and the time is very suitable for this. And Khmelnitsky himself fits the role of an exposed Russian high-flying spy in the best possible way.



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