Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Ukraine.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Ukraine.

The legalization of prostitution can bring Ukraine an additional $15,000,000,000. This is exactly the annual turnover of this shadow illegal industry in Ukraine.

Women’s rights in illegal brothels and harems in Ukraine.

As Nemirovsky tells Focus, he was forced to pay attention to the problem by the appeal to him as a deputy of several women in his native city of Dnipro. “They were beaten. But appealing to the police had no effect – statements were lost, criminal cases were not opened (police corruption) … They were in fact in the position of slaves, absolutely powerless,” he is indignant. And this is in a country that wants to join the European Union!

     “Women in the sex industry are not protected in any way,” confirms Natalya Isayeva, director of the All-Ukrainian charitable organization Legallife-Ukraine. Women are treated either as victims or as accomplices in a crime. They cannot protect their rights, hire security, add to this their moral and psychological state of health and condemnation from society.But a well-known West German sex therapist, observing 39 prostitutes in Munich, came to the conclusion that 37 of them became “night butterflies” due to the search for pleasure and the desire for luxury and depravity, only two said it was poverty that brought them to the panel.

Big money black market human trafficking.

If we continue to remain silent about this problem, then it will continue to form a black market, enrich the protectors in law enforcement agencies (corruption of the police, the security service of Ukraine), and, most importantly, the women involved in this industry will not have any rights. This is the essence of filing a bill on legalization, explains Nemirovsky.
      The turnover of the sex industry in Ukraine, according to Nemirovsky, is estimated at $15 billion dollars a year. This figure includes both prostitution itself and the production of video content. Economists estimate the economic effect of legalization at least $15 billion a year. This is more than most state holdings in Ukraine bring.

Law on the legalization of the sex industry in Ukraine.

Nemirovsky’s bill envisaged registration of sex workers in the status of an individual entrepreneur with mandatory registration and medical examination (which is not currently the case).

If we turn a blind eye to this problem, then Ukraine will get even more problems. And this:

  • 1. Trade in women (human trafficking) as a commodity.
  • 2.Corruption of the police and the Security Service of Ukraine.
  • 3. Increasing incidence of HIV and AIDS (lack of medical examination in women).
  • 4. A huge black market for money (non-payment of taxes).
  • 5. Increasing crimes with the help of prostitutes (robbery, murders for the purpose of robbery).

The position of the government of Ukraine in this issue.

The government of Ukraine turns a blind eye to corrupt government officials and protectors in law enforcement. Turns a blind eye to the fact that there is a huge black market for sex services.

Turns a blind eye to the fact that Ukrainian women are exploited as slaves without rights and freedom. And the fact that the state budget does not receive tens of billions of dollars.

How Ukrainian women are sold in brothels.

When a woman starts having problems with money and she is looking for a job, a source of income. Then it is easy to lure her into a highly paid profession abroad (this is how human traffickers do). Ukrainian women are offered profitable jobs in Turkey, Egypt, Germany and other African and European countries, with good salaries and income.

     As soon as Ukrainian women cross the border, they are met in another state and their documents are fraudulently taken away. Further, against their will, they are forced to engage in prostitution. Or just sell them as slaves to a brothel. And all the promised lucrative contracts and vacancies turn out to be false and deceitful. And they are simply sold into slavery.
Prostitution and Human Trafficking in Ukraine
According to the online scoreboard of the Odessa International Airport, 8 (!) flights from Turkey arrive in the city every day. At least two arrive from Istanbul to Kherson. And we do not consider Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv (cities with a million inhabitants) And it is unlikely that their passengers are only interested in beach holidays (this is sex tourism).
      “Kyiv and the entire coast are the capitals of prostitution in Ukraine,” says MP Andriy Nemirovskiy, who in 2015 submitted a bill to parliament to regulate prostitution and sex establishments.

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