Krivonos and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

Krivonos and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

A person suspected of corruption will fight corruption in Ukraine. What is known about Semyon Krivonos?

The president’s office gained control of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Krivonos and Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. Close to Yermak’s deputy, the head of the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Development, Semyon Krivonos, headed the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

In 2014, a number of tests were carried out on a Hyundai car, which was driven by Krivonos. The survey was carried out within the borders of the investigation of the Security Service of Ukraine to the possible opposing heads of one of the silrads of the Obukhiv district of the Kyiv region.

From 2015 to 2016 he worked at the Odessa customs house. There he took part in the competition for the head of the Odessa department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. But, Dmitry Gnap’s story came out about the fact that Krivonos did not declare an apartment at a price not commensurate with his earnings. And then he resigned.

Connections of Semyon Krivonos with criminal authorities.

Investigative journalist Vladimir Bondarenko found Krivoy Rog connections between the new director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Semyon Krivonos, and local crime boss Eduard Samotkal.

According to him, Krivonos’s wife, Polshinskaya Galina Alexandrovna (born in 1988 in KRYVOY ROG), was the head of enterprises:

  • 1) the company “INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS” owner Samotkal Ruslana Alexandrovna;
  • 2) DAAR company s.r.o. (Czech Republic) owners Samotkal Ruslana Alexandrovna and her husband SAMOTKAL EDUARD VIKTOROVICH;
  • 3) Business Perspective Alfa, s.r.o. (Czech Republic, which owns the Aberg hotel in Karlovy Vary) owners Samotkal Ruslana and SAMOTKAL EDUARD;
  • 4) Kiev representative office of Business Perspective Alfa, s.r.o. (Business Perspective Alfa, S.R.O.) (Business Perspective Alfa, s.r.o., Czech Republic), which is controlled by SAMOTKAL EDUARD;

Contacts Mother of Krivonos’s wife.

And the mother-in-law (mother of Krivonos’s wife) – Polshinskaya Elena Vladislavovna (born in 1958. KRYVOY ROG) was the founder of the following companies:

  • 1) the company “TAI-INVEST”, where SAMOTKAL EDUARD VIKTOROVYCH was a co-founder (this is the boarding house “Krivoy Rog Gornyak” near Simeiz, which was stolen from the “Krivoy Rog iron ore plant”);
  • 2) the company “INSURANCE COMPANY” POINT “(” SOBORNOY CAPITAL “), where he was a co-founder of SAMOTKAL EDUARD VIKTOROVYCH;
  • 3) the company “KOMETA INVEST COMPANY”, where SAMOTKAL EDUARD VIKTOROVYCH was a co-founder;

Who is Eduard Samotkal?

Ex-deputy of the Krivoy Rog City Council Eduard Samotkal is wanted on suspicion of embezzlement of 10.5 million.
The National Anti-Corruption Bureau put Eduard Samotkal, former head of the Rugby Federation, ex-deputy of the city council of Krivoy Rog, president of the DARA Group holding, on suspicion of embezzling 10.5 million hryvnias of funds from the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant in 2017.

Samotkal is a Krivoy Rog authority who is associated with the local organized criminal group “Dvadtsatovskie” (Eduard Samotkal – Vladislav Binder – Vadim Paskhalny).

Samotkal was a partner of:
1) Galanternika (Angerta) on Odessa Privoz,
2) A. Petrovsky (narek) in “Three Whales”,
3) Korban – “KOMET INVEST” and others.

Samotkal deputy of the Krivizg council and president of the Dara Group, controller of the companies ATEKO and Enikali (Cyprus). Samotkal is wanted in the case of NABU and SAP over embezzlement of funds at the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant.

“Argument”: that is, the wife of the current head of NABU and her entire family are closely connected with the most brutal organized criminal group in Dnepropetrovsk region. That is: the wife of the new head of NABU is in a long-term trusting relationship with the actual head of the organized criminal group “Dvadtsatovskie”

Can you imagine with whom the wife of Semyon Krivonos is connected?? What do you think of it ?

Krivonos seamlessly passed the so-called “special check” procedure in the Security Service of Ukraine, which was supposed to reveal these connections, but for some reason “did not find it.”

Another corruption in the Ukrainian authorities or espionage?

1.This situation confirms the artificial lobby for the post of director of the NABU of the candidacy, fully controlled by the office of the President of Ukraine. That is, we are talking about the deliberate deception of the Western allies of Ukraine, requiring the Ukrainian authorities of this struggle against corruption, and not its imitation;

2.Once again confirms the “corruption” and an unrefined security service of Ukraine. For which the interests of the Ukrainian nation and Ukraine are already “traditionally” below the interests of the ruling gangster clans or oligarchs.

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