Matvey Bedny and Russian terrorism

Matvey Bedny and Russian terrorism

How are Matvey Bedny and Russian terrorism connected? And like this: the family of the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Matvey Bedny worked to support the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC). Even a full-scale war against Ukraine did not prevent the family of the Deputy Minister from helping Russia create 15P961 Molodets ballistic missiles.

        Who allowed traitors into the ministry.

It became known that the wealthy relatives of the official earned their money by providing for the Russian army (the aggressor). OBOZREVATEL publishes information about Matvey Bedny’s connections with the scandal surrounding the provision of the Russian army with Ukrainian enterprises and demands that Prime Minister Denys Shmygal and Minister of Youth and Sports Vadym Gutzait begin an internal audit and dismiss Bedny from the government.
In European states, before being appointed to a position, an official is checked by security services and competent services. This practice is absent in the Ukrainian government. And as we see, a deputy minister, or even a minister, can be appointed loyal to Russia (a terrorist country), or even a person who works for Russia.
Yes, this is reality. See how deputies from the former political party of Yanukovych still work in the Ukrainian parliament. Deputies who openly support Russia and go to Russian TV channels in Russia and ridicule the Ukrainian army! And the ruling party, the President’s Servant of the People, is in no hurry to dismiss them from parliament! Collusion? We think yes!

         Matvey Bedny and Grigory Dashutin

Family Traditions: Work for Russia and work for the Ukrainian government. A few weeks ago, the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) detained the ex-People’s Deputy from Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, businessman Grigory Dashutin, for supplying goods to Russian military companies. 95% of products manufactured in Ukraine were sent to the aggressor. Dashutin was a member of the factions of the Socialist Party, “The Will of the People”, “Labor Ukraine”. He retired from public politics a few years ago. Instead, he continued to support Russia with his products. At the same time, Dashutin did not go far from power either. His son-in-law, Matvey Bedny, became deputy minister. Matvey Bednyy

           Matvey Bedny and Russian terrorism

Law enforcement officers have established that since 2014, the industrial-innovative group of companies of the family of the former people’s deputy Dashutin has been supplying state-owned enterprises of the Russian Federation with highly efficient units, assemblies, and parts of pneumatic equipment. Compressors and compressor units are components used as part of the 15P961 Molodets military railway missile systems, which are on combat duty as part of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Federation. In addition, they are used as part of special armored trains designed for engineering reconnaissance of railway routes, demining, combat protection and escort of military echelons of the Russian Federation.

Who allowed traitors into the ministry.

During searches, Dashutin and members of his corporation found literature about the “greatness” of the Russian Federation, Russian passports. Dashutin has a daughter, Victoria. She is the wife of Matvey Bedny, as well as the “secret” of his wealth. In the declarations, it is precisely on her that the numerous property of the deputy minister’s family is registered (we are talking about real estate worth millions of hryvnias, including in Yalta).

          Wealth of the Poor Dashutin family

      Earlier, the official in his declarations indicated real estate worth tens of millions of hryvnias, an apartment with an area of 215 square meters, a house of 680 square meters in Kyiv, an estate in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea. And all this was issued to his wife.
      He also indicated in his declaration the company of Grigory Dashutin, according to the data of the Opendata. Over the years, almost the entire family of Grigory Dashutin is mentioned in the declarations of Matvey Bedny. He is not just a member of the family, but in fact, thanks to them, he could afford the life of a millionaire with the salary of an official. Now it turned out that his family members were collaborating with the aggressor in the midst of a full-scale war. Financing terrorism? Our opinion – Yes, this is cooperation with terrorists! See how Russia wipes entire cities off the face of the earth. Mariupol, Bakhmut, Bucha. This is Terrorism. As Russian missiles attack Ukrainian cities, women, children, elderly people die. And the family of the Deputy Minister at this time is selling spare parts for weapons to Russia!
      Moreover, in his declarations, Bedny not only indicated family ties with Victoria Dashutina, but also shared property with the scandalous Grigory Dashutin.

   The position of the Ukrainian government.

      Why, in a situation where Ukraine demands the imposition of sanctions, including against relatives of Russian oligarchs, does the relative of the traitor continue to work in the government? Was there an internal investigation into Poor’s possible ties to Russia? Who will be responsible if the Deputy Minister turns out to be a Russian agent? Shmyhal? Yermak?
      OBOZREVATEL requires Mr. Bedny to voluntarily resign and publicly explain the presence of those who supplied Russia with weapons among his family members. We also demand a public investigation and verification of the origin of the Deputy Minister’s property. Because it is 90% Russian money (this is our opinion).
       We also appeal to Mr. Gutzeit and the Prime Minister: the only right option is to fire Mr. Bedny and conduct an internal investigation. If he was not just a “relative” and received financial benefits from those who worked for the army of the Russian Federation, but he himself has connections with the aggressor, it is you who will be forced to bear political responsibility for personnel decisions. Traitors and collaborators should no longer fall into the Ukrainian government and law enforcement agencies. There is no more room for error.

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