Lyovochkin is a deputy of Ukraine

Lyovochkin is a deputy of Ukraine in 2023

Russian lobbyist Lavochkin is a deputy of Ukraine in 2023. After the decree of the President of Ukraine, the pro-Russian “Opposition Platform – For Life” was outlawed. The deputies of this party are trying to stay in the political life of Ukraine. One of these is Sergey Levochkin. Who worked as the head of the Administration of the President of the fugitive Yanukovych. And he succeeds. The current government, headed by Vladimir Zelensky and his party in parliament, is in no hurry to expel Lyovochkin!
What do they have in common?

Levochkin in Monaco 2023.

A few days before the full-scale war in Russia, a group of deputies from the Opposition Platform – For Life left for Europe. Sergei Levochkin was in their company. These refugees were referred to in the media as the “monaco battalion“. Then a campaign was launched in the media for the deprivation of the mandates of the fugitive deputies. Among the “applicants” was Levochkin. However, as Parliament Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk explained, “so far there are no legal grounds to deprive them of their mandates.
Well, what do they have in common?

So Who is Sergey Levochkin?

The son of the head of the Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, then he became a scientific consultant to President Leonid Kuchma. They say that Viktor Yanukovych himself, who at that time was the head of the Donetsk region, petitioned for the appointment of his countryman. Already in 2002, Levochkin became Kuchma’s first assistant. After the Orange Revolution, he moved to the post of adviser to the head of the Verkhovna Rada, Volodymyr Lytvyn.

In 2007, Lyovochkin was elected a people’s deputy from the Party of Regions, and after Yanukovych became president, Lyovochkin took over as head of his administration. And became virtually omnipotent.

Later, Yanukovych, who fled to Russia, said that Maidan allegedly provoked Levochkin, instructing the dispersal of students. The same information was confirmed by the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko. However, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine did not find evidence of Lyovochkin’s involvement in the dispersal of the Maidan.

“He was the leader of one of the two groups of influence within the “Opposition Platform – For Life”in parliament. Levochkin is closely associated with the Firtash group. But, his political interests were also divided into “other baskets”, for example, in BLOW, “Servant of the People”. Levochkin, through affiliated persons and enterprises, is connected with the Kyiv Vodokanal and Kyivmiskstroy,” Vitaly Kulik notes.

Lyovochkin is in the TOP of the richest people in Ukraine, so it is not surprising that he financed the party of Viktor Medvedchuk, officially allocating UAH 1.6 million for this.

Levochkin’s connections with Russia and the oligarchs 2023.

According to the Chesno edition, Lyovochkin appeared in several anti-corruption investigations and in a terrorist financing case, and also allegedly spread pro-Russian propaganda in France.

According to media reports, Sergei Levochkin, having broad powers in government bodies, even during the Kuchma era promoted the interests of a group of “gas workers” (Dmitry Firtash, Yuri Boyko), lobbying the interests of the RosUkrEnergo company, which, with the help of connections in the Russian Federation, quickly became a monopoly on gas market of Ukraine.

Lyovochkin is a deputy of Ukraine in 2023

Why Lyovochkin is a deputy of Ukraine in 2023?

As political scientist Viktor Nebozhenko says. “Levochkin is not a politician, Levochkin is a good manager. I think that thanks to him, Yermak became the head of the President’s Office. Yermak appreciates this person and Yermak knows how to be grateful. Therefore, Levochkin is not in danger of oblivion. But, as the expert says, Levochkin has one important drawback – he is focused on Moscow.
The Boyko-Lyovochkin group remains in the parliament, which is now trying in every possible way to dissociate itself from Medvedchuk and is trying to whitewash itself.”

Sergey Lyovochkin was closely associated with Viktor Medvedchuk and he was aware of the Russian invasion, since he left Ukraine shortly before him. Law enforcement agencies could already be interested in him, ”summarizes Vitaly Kulik.

One question: What does the pro-Russian Lyovochkin have in common with the current government in Ukraine? During the war in Ukraine!

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