Kolomoisky defends the business of Russian oligarchs

Kolomoisky defends the business of Russian oligarchs

Kolomoisky defends the business of Russian oligarchs, he has applied for a third party to intervene in a lawsuit to confiscate the assets of VS Energy. The plaintiff in which is the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and the defendants are sanctioned Russian oligarchs Alexander Babakov, Evgeny Giner and Mikhail Voevodin. This was announced by the chief expert of the public organization StateWatch Alexander Lemenov (https://www.facebook.com/o.lemenov/?locale=uk_UA)
      The statement states that Kolomoisky wants to intervene on the side of the defendants, Mikhail Voevodin and Natalya Selivanova (Voevodin’s common-law wife).

Kolomoisky defends the business of Russian oligarchs

This case concerns the recovery of the assets of the VS Energy group, the beneficiaries of which the state considers Babakov, Giner and Vojvodina, to the state.
      In mid-May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky imposed sanctions against the nominal owners of the energy company VS Energy. A presidential decree imposed restrictive measures on the property of Russian companies in Ukraine and the property of Ukrainian economic entities associated with them.

Ukrainian strategic sectors of the economy are in the hands of Russian oligarchs

VS Energy is one of the largest Ukrainian financial and industrial groups with assets in energy, metallurgy and real estate. It was formed by the president of the Moscow FC CSKA Evgeny Giner and partners.
      For 20 years, Russian businessmen Yevgeny Giner, Mikhail Voevodin and long-term State Duma deputy Alexander Babakov, who voted for the annexation of Crimea and aggression against Ukraine, were considered co-owners of VS Energy. Sanctions were imposed against them at the end of last year, the shares of companies associated with the group were arrested by the court.

In case of confiscation of assets, the state will take away corporate rights in several oblenergos, hotels, metallurgical plants, etc. from the Russians.

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