Intelligence officer Roman Chervinsky

Intelligence officer Roman Chervinsky in prison

Before his arrest, Roman Chervinskiy, a colonel with 30 years of experience in intelligence, gave interviews to Ukrainian journalists. This is the case when an experienced (invaluable) intelligence officer who is not afraid to speak the truth was sent to jail for criticizing the current government. And this happens during the war – when every officer is highly valued!

If the bridges had been blown up, the Russians would not have gotten to Kherson”: Chervinskyi told about the demining of Chongar and his detention by the SSU.

Former intelligence commander Roman Chervinskyi, who was arrested today, April 25, 2023, by the court for two months without bail in the case of the attack on the Kanatove airfield, spoke about Ukraine’s readiness for a full-scale war and the circumstances of the occupation of southern Ukraine by the Russians. He told about this in an interview with “Censor.NET”.

     “The beginning of the war showed us everything, it turned out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not ready for war, especially tactically and strategically. They demined Chongar, did not equip the appropriate defense of the Gostomel airfield, in the northern direction, which gave the Russians the opportunity to enter Irpin, Bucha, Kyiv. Unexpectedly to advance 200 kilometers in one day, in two. We understood that something wrong was happening in the country, in the state bodies that were draining us, and that intelligence is the very thing that causes the most damage to the enemy, and that is why, I believe, we were the first to be beaten, dismissed, dispersed,” says the military man. scout, colonel Roman Chervinskyi.

He also mentions that on the first day of the full-scale invasion, former intelligence officers took up arms and took positions in the direction of Vyshgorod, including the former head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Vasyl Burba. Then they fought in the direction of Makariv, later near Brovary. They destroyed enemy equipment, set mines, and then Roman was transferred to the SSO, where he became the deputy commander of a unit of the SSO.

Were the Chernobyl zone and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ready for an attack from Russia?

Answering a question about the defense of the Chernobyl zone, Chervinskyi said that it was not ready for a Russian offensive, despite the fact that the head of the GUR Kyrylo Budanov and the head of the border service said that they knew about the Russian offensive from the direction of Belarus towards the Chernobyl zone.
      In his opinion, the fact that the Ukrainian military leadership did not prepare for this is “criminal negligence” for which they should be held accountable. Roman Chervinskyi said that he knows the names of those who are to be punished, but refused to name them as long as there is a full-scale war in the country.
      Roman Chervinsky noted that the people who carried out the orders to clear the mines in the Chongar direction did not blow up the bridges in the Kherson direction, they will testify that “I was given an order from above.” And further, in his opinion, it is possible to get to the one who was the initiator of this.
      He also recalled a conversation with a serviceman who was the deputy commander of the 72nd brigade. He said that when they managed to reach Irpen during the night and set up positions to stop the Russians, he realized that he could not stop them because the forces were unequal.
      Then, on the second day, the deputy commander of the 72nd brigade appealed to the commander regarding the blowing up of the bridges near Irpen, to which he replied: “A team came from the President’s Office, without their sanction the bridges should not be blown up.” Therefore, the deputy commander of the 72nd brigade at his discretion blew it up himself, thanks to which he stopped the Russians.
Chervinsky emphasized that if the bridges had been blown up, the Russians would not have reached Kherson.

Intelligence officers were fired by orders from the president’s office.

Roman Chervinskyi said that there was an order from the President’s Office to fire 19 people from the SSO, including Chervinskyi. As evidence in the interview, Roman provided an audio recording on which this is mentioned. The president’s office demanded their release for political reasons, but according to Roman, the commander refused to do so.

He also said that the former first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Ruslan Demchenko, was not fired, and he works in the Foreign Intelligence Service. He is ostensibly there as an adviser, but in reality he runs the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Russian lobbyist Ruslano Demchenko still works in intelligence.

We will remind you that on June 16, 2020, Ruslan Demchenko was appointed the first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine by the decree of the President of Ukraine No. 228/2020. However, on July 22, 2022, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, dismissed Ruslan Demchenko from the post of First Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council.
       Demchenko is also known for his participation in lobbying for the Kharkiv Agreements. According to the transcript made public by “Schem” journalists, at the security meeting of the parliamentary committee on April 26, 2010, Demchenko convinced the deputies to support consideration of the draft law on the ratification of the agreement in the session hall.
      Chervinsky claims that Demchenko has all the information about the course of hostilities in Ukraine.

Roman Chervinsky is accused of what

   Quote: “The SSU asked for help from a professional point of view, and we conducted such an operation. But in the course of it, they realized that the game was being played on the Russian side. Collected information about pilots who bombed Mariupol, Kharkiv region, about Russian structures. Investigative journalist Hristo Grozev helped in this work. This operation ended in nothing. But we came under missile fire at one of the airfields in the Kirovohrad region,” says the former acting commander of one of the units of the Special Operations Forces.

Chervinsky noted that in November 2022, “attempts to falsify the case” regarding his possible guilt in the shelling of the airfield began.
      “There is an allegation that the GUR allegedly did not know about this operation. Funny accusation, no criminal codes have been written. I am formally accused of exceeding official duties. As if I organized it all myself. Without the SSU, without the Air Force, without anything, he did everything himself, invented and tried to take the plane, and because of this, the Russians fired at the airfield. In general, this is a kind of surreal story. Professional lawyers, who read these accusations, throw up their hands and say: “We see nothing but political implications here,” he noted.
       According to the colonel, he was told that “Tatarov is personally calling Shvetsa (head of the Main Investigative Department of the SSU) on Yermak’s instructions, probably trading for a position.”                              

  Who wants to remove an experienced intelligence officer

      Chervinsky says that Tatarov personally calls Shva and puts pressure on him. This is the systematic work of the Russian agency in the system of power. He thanks those operatives and SSU investigators who refused to pursue him. He says that he saw the same system under Yanukovych.
In addition, Roman Chervinskyi said that the chief of foreign intelligence disappeared in the first two days and his subordinates did not understand what to do, the chief turned off his phone. According to him, Budanov persecutes those officers who try to communicate with Chervinsky.
     According to Chervinskyi, Kyrylo Budanov uses the war for his own PR.
“Instead of putting expediency and the probability of success at the foundation of the operation, they are looking for PR. As a result, the boys die. Operations fail,” says Roman.

About the appointment of Ivan Bakanov as the head of the SSU

“This is systemic chaos, this is a mistake. Bakanov was dismissed according to the article, due to the tragic consequences. What is this article? Most likely, this is connected with the appointment of Kulinich, Naumov and others. When they came, they wanted to negotiate with Putin. They believed that the war is because “Poroshenko wants it”. They wanted to release water to the Crimea. Apparently, Putin was promised something. Hold elections in Donbas,” said the former intelligence officer.
And he also added that at that time the Russians had not yet completed the Nord Stream to “put Europe on gas”.

What about the case of the Wagnerites (Wagnergate)

Roman Chervinskyi replied that those Wagnerites, who were planned to be detained in Ukraine as a result of the thwarted special operation of the GUR, are now fighting on the territory of

Ukraine. To the question:

  • What would have happened if Ukraine had earlier managed to take the Wagnerites and hand them over to Western partners?;
  • What if the pro-Russian militant Volodymyr Tsemakh was not exchanged, but sent to the Netherlands for trial?;
  • Would it allow to avert a full-scale war?;

Roman Chervinskyi answered: “that would mean that there would be no traitors in power.”
In his opinion, then there would be no Chongar and no war at all.
“We would change our guys. With Tsemakh, we would prove that Putin is a terrorist,” Roman answered.

There was an order to surrender the city of Chernihiv

Finally, Roman Chervinskyi spoke about the fact that Chernihiv was planned to “surrender” at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia.
“In Chernihiv, an instruction came from Kyiv for everyone to leave the region. The head of the SSU gave the order to set the materials on fire. The control began to burn. The SSU chased away the firefighters and forbade extinguishing the control,” said Roman Chervinskyi.

The mayor and defender of the city of Chernihiv was removed from office.
      It should be recalled that the mayor of Chernihiv, Vladyslav Atroshchenko, who defended the city to the last, was also convicted and deprived of his position (for trifles). Although it was the mayor of the city who raised the morale and called to fight for the city and not to give up! And after that, he is removed from his position with the help of a fabricated court case.

Roman also says that he will be ready to return to intelligence in order to pass on his experience to his successors. However, on the condition that the political situation changes. According to him, during this war, a whole generation of new leaders is being trained.
It should be noted that yesterday, April 24, the Security Service of Ukraine detained the former acting commander of one of the units of the Special Operations Forces, Roman Chervinskyi, whose actions, according to the investigation, led to casualties and the destruction of equipment after the shelling of the Kanatove airfield in the Kirovohrad region.

                                                                                    What is the intelligence officer Chervinskyi being tried for

According to the investigators, the missile strike was preceded by the organization of a so-called “special operation” to seize an aircraft of the Russian Air Force by some military personnel, including Chervinsky. According to their plan, the Russian pilot was supposed to go over to the side of Ukraine.
They lured a military plane out of Russia for several months. However, the enemy pilot, who agreed to cooperate, ultimately did not fly.
As the Security Service of Ukraine emphasized, such actions led to losses. “During this “operation”, which was carried out despite the SSU’s remarks and without coordination with the relevant state authorities. According to the SSU, Chervinskyi did not coordinate the operation with intelligence, thereby exceeding his authority. Therefore, he independently ordered the military to meet the plane at the airfield.

Who wants to take revenge on Chervinsky

According to Chervinsky himself, his persecution by law enforcement agencies is politically motivated. In particular, the former intelligence officer connects him with the so-called “Wagnergate” – a failed operation in 2020 to capture three dozen people from among the fighters of the “Wagner” PMK. According to the plan, PMK mercenaries were supposed to board a plane that would be landed by Ukrainian special services on the territory of the state. However, the operation failed, and the departure of the “Wagners” had to be postponed. The mercenaries themselves were detained in Minsk. At that time, several intelligence officers, including Chervinsky, accused the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT of disrupting the special operation.


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