Igor Kushnir KyivMiskBud

Igor Kushnir KyivMiskBud bankrupt

Construction stopped, and the largest developer of the capital was actually on the verge of bankruptcy, writes OBOZREVATEL. The Kyiv City State Administration refused to finance the total amount of 1.3 billion hryvnias (1 billion in the form of additional capitalization and 300 million hryvnias in investments in apartments) to the head of KievMiskBud, Igor Kushnir.

Elite life of Igor Kushnir during the war.

At the same time, Kushnir himself does not experience financial problems. During the leadership of the company, his family became one of the richest in the capital. Dozens of real estate objects are designed for Kushnir himself. But the most expensive assets – the plane, luxury apartments, companies – are registered in the name of Kushnir’s wife and children. While investors in the residential complex “KievMiskBud” remain without housing, for which they have already paid, the head of the company travels abroad and reflects on the fact that during the war he has the right to rent houses even without facades.

KievMiskBud is just a cover for investors.

” KievMiskBud” from a joint-stock company has become a holding company. In fact, the status of a “communal enterprise” is just a cover that time allowed attracting investors to housing. Dozens of other companies that are allegedly part of the holding are engaged in business. But the city owns from less than 1% to 55% in these companies.
Kushnir built an empire like Ukrbud. But, as in the case of Mikitas, exorbitant appetites lead to disastrous financial results. At the same time, the media claim that the head of the communal developer simultaneously owns two private developer companies. And these two companies have no problems with assets.

Igor Kushnir KyivMiskBud is bankrupt.

While “KievMiskBud” has stopped its work and is not able to fulfill its obligations to investors. The hole formed in the budget, according to OBOZREVATEL, is about UAH 2 billion. In order to save the companies, Kushnir asked the city to increase the authorized capital (in fact, just give it back) by UAH 1 billion, and allocate another UAH 300 million for the purchase of apartments from Kyivgorstroy.

Kushnir’s quote – “Let them go na h..y.”

Kushnir justifies the situation with a full-scale war. “During the war, you can generally, damn it, rent houses without facades, without landscaping, light. If they don’t like it, don’t sign it. Let them go nah..y,” allegedly the head of KievMiskBud, Ihor Kushnir, commented on the dissatisfaction of investors during his conversation with Maxim Mykytas (the ex-head of Ukrstroy, suspected of numerous scams). A recording of the conversation was provided to investors by Mikitas himself, it was also published online.

Houses for investors without communications are corruption.

But even before the full-scale war, Kushnir rented houses without communications. OBOZREVATEL has already written in detail about the situation in the residential complex Medovy. There, one of the houses is not connected to heating, the landscaping has not been completed. Another example is the Raduzhny residential complex. According to the terms, it should have been put into operation even before a full-scale war. And now they are offering investors to formalize the ownership of apartments in houses that are not connected to utilities. And if investors do this, they will have to solve problems with connecting utilities on their own. And the solution to this problem can cost tens of millions of hryvnia.

Kushnir’s connections with Medvedchuk and Stolar

Working in a public utility, according to the Ukrainian Pravda publication, he became one of the owners of two more developers. We are talking about the companies IB Alliance and bUd development. In both companies, his partner is the scandalous People’s Deputy from the Opposition Platform for Life Vadim Stolar. The biggest “achievement” of Stolar was the scam with the construction company “Elite Center“. Vadim Mikhailovich was one of the founders of this company. Moreover, through his firms Vozrozhdeniye Trading House and Elite-Boxing, the money of construction investors was withdrawn and cashed out. As a result of this scam, more than one and a half thousand people suffered.

Igor Kushnir Stolar corruption

 The name of Vadim Stolar appeared in the criminal case, but he denied his involvement in it. At the trial, he was … a witness. All the blame was put on his partner Alexander Shakhov-Volkonsky, and he was the only one who sat down “for his friends”, although anyone understands that he could not pull off such a scam alone. They say that Stolar was then smeared off by the same Svyatoslav Piskun.

Kushnir’s friendship with Medvedchuk

The close relationship with the HLE confirms another fact. His wife, Oksana, is the owner of a plane on which ex-people’s deputy and state traitor Viktor Medvedchuk flew to his godfather Putin in Moscow. Kushnir, 51, at the height of the heating season 2022-2023, when the whole house in the Medovy residential complex was left without heating, flew to Vienna (and became the hero of the investigation of the Vienna Battalion Unitary Enterprise). How a businessman could cross the state border during a full-scale war is a big question for the border guards.

The property of which is not in the declarations of Igor Kushnir

Even before the full-scale war, investigative journalists discovered real estate worth tens of millions of hryvnias in the Kushnir family. So, Kushnir’s wife owns an apartment in the elite residential complex “French Quarter” with an area of 161 square meters and two parking spaces. The son and daughter of the president of Kievgorstroy own an apartment in the Zarechny residential complex of almost 200 square meters and two more apartments in the PecherSKY residential complex.

In his declarations, Kushnir also did not indicate a single car. The wife and children own a Mercedes E250 Cabriolet (2016), a Range Rover (2008), a Mercedes E250 CDI (2014) and a Mercedes E220 purchased in 2017. In addition, from 2013 to 2017, Kushnir’s son traveled on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Throughout his life, the official declared earnings of Kushnir Igor Nikolayevich amounted to 127 thousand dollars, which is three and a half times less than the price of the car park alone, the journalists found out.
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