Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine 2023

Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine

Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is under US sanctions but Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine. He is trying to expand his influence on the State Property Fund of Ukraine. To do this, the oligarch introduces his people into the structures of the department. Kolomoisky has long had financial interests in many state-owned enterprises. Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is not the first time trying to take control of the Fund, state property, reports Antikor(https://antikor.com.ua).

So, the ex-head of SPFU (State Property Fund of Ukraine) Igor Bilous was called his protégé. He himself did not hide that he was in close contact with the oligarch Kolomoisky and he often called him. Kolomoisky wants to get preferences in the privatization of Odessa Port Plant-OPP (Very Profitable State Enterprise). Note that he still has an interest in OPP. Kolomoisky intends to take control of the Odessa Port Plant.

With Dmitry Sennichenko, who headed the Fund in 2019-2022, the oligarch did not have a relationship. Although even then he had his own people in his entourage. So, Sennichenko’s legal adviser at that time was Yuriy Cherdyntsev, who then worked in the Odessa department of the Ministry of Justice.
      With the help of Dmitry Sennichenko, Kolomoisky’s company Ukrnaftobureniye managed to win the tender for the supply of raw materials for Odessa Port Plant. However, OPP did not sign an agreement with the company, as it turned out that the proposed prices were risky and uneconomical.

To lobby his interests, Kolomoisky decided to appoint his people directly to senior positions at the State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU). And the appointment of Rustem Umerov as the head gave Kolomoisky a “window of opportunity” many opportunities!

People of Kolomoisky in the State Property Fund of Ukraine

After the change of leadership of the State Property Fund of Ukraine and the appointment of Rustem Umerov as its chairman, Dmitry Klimenkov became its first deputy. Prior to that, Klimenkov worked for Kolomoisky’s UIA (Ukraine International Airlines) for 10 years. After his appointment, the SPFU press service reported that “Klimenkov will deal with the resumption of work of the largest state-owned enterprises and the introduction of modern corporate management standards.”
      Klimenkov was actively involved in changing management at state-owned enterprises in favor of Kolomoisky. And he promoted the privatization of Ukrainian ports. However, in March of this 2023, Klimenkov resigned from his post.

However, he managed to smuggle Yuriy Cherdyntsev into the State Property Fund of Ukraine, which was mentioned earlier. He currently heads the SPFU State Enterprise Management Department. This is actually the same direction in which Klimenkov worked. Cherdyntsev also inherited the direction of privatization of ports. Therefore, it is necessary to say that this is just a replacement of the head – and the desire to privatize the largest ports of Ukraine remained and interested people too.

According to media reports, in order to take final control of this area, Cherdyntsev contributed to the appointment of his friend from Odessa, Alexander Slavsky, to the position of head of the SPFU branch in Odessa and Nikolaev regions. At the same time, Cherdyntsev became close to the SPFU chairman, Rustem Umerov. It is him that Umerov often takes with him to meetings with international delegations.

At the same time, another role is being prepared for Cherdyntsev. As journalists write, he can lead the direction of work with arrested assets if these powers are transferred from ARMA (ASSET RECOVERY AND MANAGEMENT AGENCY) to SPFU.

It should be noted that at present, one of the most important assets of Kolomoisky, the gas production company UkrNefteBurenie (Oil and Gas Company), has been transferred to ARMA. Igor Kolomoisky is more than ever interested in the SPFU being responsible for the seized assets, where the oligarch has his own people. After all, he has not yet been able to return his assets through the court.

Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine

Recall that the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who is under US sanctions, is suing the state-owned Privat Bank. Kolomoisky owns the Privat business group in Ukraine, which includes about 975 companies and 37 key individuals. The main ones in the Privat group are Gennady Bogolyubov, Igor Kolomoisky and Alexei Martynov.

Metallurgical and ferroalloy plants, mining and processing plants and enterprises of the fuel and energy complex (oil producing, oil refining, as well as trading networks that sell finished petroleum products).
     Note that previously these enterprises were state-owned. Therefore Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine
Most of Privat’s assets are in the oil and gas sector. Kolomoisky and his partners own a third of the shares of JKX Oil & Gas and a part of the shares of Ukrnaftoburenia. In the gas business, Privat has a partner – businessman and people’s deputy Vitaliy Khomutynnik.

Yulia Tymoshenko presented Ukrnafta to Igor Kolomoisky

      In favor of Kolomoisky, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (Kremlin cuckoo) played. Before the 2010 elections, Tymoshenko made a PR move – she forced Ukrnafta to pay dividends to the state. However, not just like that, but in exchange for signing a special agreement. Under this agreement, the state agreed that Kolomoisky’s people would run Ukrnafta indefinitely. This is how Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine.
       Privat in Ukraine owns the entire production chain from ore mining (Ordzhonikidzevsky and Marganetsky GOK) to the production of the alloys themselves – Nikopol and Zaporozhye ferroalloy plants. Another plant, in Stakhanov, has not been operating since 2014, as it ended up on territory uncontrolled by Ukraine.


Yulia Tymoshenko presented Ukrnafta

Ferroalloys Kolomoisky

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov’s partner in the ferroalloy business is Viktor Pinchuk. He owns 30% in each of the enterprises. At the same time, according to Gennady Korban, Kolomoisky “practically manages the ferroalloy business himself,” and Aleksey Martynov, the oligarch’s longtime business partner, is selling products.

Kolomoisky on the energy market of Ukraine

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov also own large minority stakes in regional power companies in Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy and Khmelnitsky, and own small stakes in Dneprooblenergo and Zaporozhyeoblenergo.

 Media Kolomoisky

Separately, mention should be made of the media. Kolomoisky is the owner of “1 + 1 Media” – a large television holding, which includes TV channels 1 + 1, 2 + 2, TET, Plus Plus, Ukraine Today. In addition, Kolomoisky’s media assets include the Bigudi women’s magazine and the UNIAN news agency.  Igor Kolomoisky privatizes Ukraine. The online publication The Babel, according to Hromadsky’s market sources, is also financed by Privat’s structures.
       So pouring disinformation into the ears of naive Ukrainians is quite easy for him!

Impunity corruption in Ukraine

So far, around the world, Igor Kolomoisky’s assets are being confiscated and sanctions are being imposed on him. In Ukraine, this is out of the question. Because a lot of friends and corrupt servants of Igor Kolomoisky work in the Ukrainian government in 2023. This is Mafia and corruption in Ukraine!

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  1. Some Jew has captured the billion-dollar sector of the Ukrainian economy. Banking sector (personal data of Ukrainians), strategic metallurgical enterprises, oil enterprises, energy (factories) resources of Ukraine. All this does not belong to Ukraine but to some Jew 🙂 🙂 :). It’s funny to watch the Ukrainian special services (Security Service of Ukraine) who pretend that they don’t notice all this… They are absolutely indifferent to the fact that the state of Ukraine is losing billion-dollar strategic enterprises! Shame on the Ukrainian Special Services!

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