Corruption in Ukraine

Huge bonuses to deputies during the war.

A Ukrainian soldier from the combat zone recorded an outraged appeal to Ukrainians! He expressed his dissatisfaction and distrust of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the Parliament.

Quote: I wish you good health Dear Ukrainians, Glory to Ukraine.
Today we will consider such an interesting issue as awards to people’s deputies. To be honest, it was a real shock for me to learn about the awards to people’s deputies in January of this year. It was 100% of their official salary. Do you know why? For the intensity of work. Our People’s Deputies work so intensively that they received a hundred percent monetary reward to
salary in January 2023.

The salaries of military personnel in Ukraine were reduced and those of (pro-Russian) deputies were raised.

It seems that in January 2023, according to the laws, the council removed the premium for military personnel who are in
the rear There is only one difference. Yes, a serviceman who is in the rear can be fired at any moment
call and send to the front in the combat zone. And a people’s deputy of Ukraine can only be sent abroad to some warm country to agree on something with someone.
Yes, but the second interesting thing is that this year the people’s elected representatives of Ukraine received 19.5 million hryvnias. Think about the figures of 19,500,000 UAH premium for January. This is twice as much as the premiums in January of last year. That is, we need money in our country, we do not have enough weapons and equipment, and they are paid such bonuses. And they withdraw bonuses from military personnel.

Pickup trucks for soldiers or Mercedes for deputies during the war?

I roughly calculated that 19,500,000 UAH could buy approximately 98 pickup trucks for the armed forces
of Ukraine, the National Guard and other military formations of Ukraine. But none of the deputies took up this matter. Of course, it is better to pay people’s deputies. How shameful it is to do it in plain sight.
But the icing on the cake: there is a list of 10 – these are the highest salaries of people’s deputies of Ukraine in January 2023.
These are the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Stefanchuk, Arakhamia, Kornienko, the servant of the people, Yulia Tymoshenko, Petro Poroshenko, Mykola
Tyshchenko, Yuriy Boyko
and others, also deputies.
And Yulia Tymoshenko probably received a hundred percent extra payment for the fact that she was in the Arab Emirates. That’s right, that’s how I understand Kolya Tyshchenko, he (Kolya-Velyur) rested on the islands during the war. He also got this one hundred percent premium.

This is looting of the state, looting of the Ukrainian economy during the war. These people do not deserve to be deputies! Or hold any government positions. These are criminals, not deputies.
Huge bonuses to deputies during the war.

Premiums and awards to pro-Russian deputies in the Ukrainian government.

And it is also interesting: Yuriy Boyko OPZH (Opposition Platform for Life), the head of the faction that led Russian Peace to
Ukraine. The same OPZH that always supported Russia and helped Russia. Yuri Boyko, he is the Hero of Ukraine. Think about it Yuriy Boyko, the head of the OPZZH faction, a hero of Ukraine. At a time when boys in Donbas are dying every day, they are not
they give neither the Hero of Ukraine nor the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. Yuri Boyko, his party (pro-Russian) is not even banned in Ukraine. They did not take away the mandates of the deputy. Rabinovych or Boyko, Shufrych, this whole gang (Russian agents). They are still in Ukraine, they all still work in the parliament. And they still steal our money, negotiate with Russia, provide Russia with information. Yes, this is very, very hard to believe. Yes, they are not even deprived of their parliamentary mandates.

Pro-Russian deputies in the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

Interesting: a couple of months ago, Shufrych from OPZH and Surkis wanted to be appointed as commissioners of the National Olympic Committee. That Surkis, who was owned by Dynamo Kyiv, turned into one of the greats of European football in 30 years
years just in the dirt. Shufrych who shouted Russian Peace, Russia forward. They just wanted to put them even higher in power
I don’t have, I honestly have no words. This is treason! Appointment of Russian agents to leading state strategic positions. What is the Ukrainian Parliament worth? And who does the Servant of the People party work for?

Address of a soldier fighting at the front to Ukrainians.

I want you to know. After the victory, when the war is over and we win. We will definitely solve these
all questions Now, of course, we will not shake up the situation.
Ukraine does not need it, but after the victory we will ask each of them. So, dear Ukrainians, don’t be upset at all
will be Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine. Let’s hold on.

It is necessary to clarify: that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) does not see Russian spies in the Ukrainian parliament. All of Ukraine sees – and they do not!

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