Gennadiy Trukhanov in the anti-corruption court

Gennadiy Trukhanov in the anti-corruption court

HACC – Higher Anti-Corruption Court. The higher anti-corruption court in the case of the “Krayan” factory ordered the mayor of Odesa, Gennady Trukhanov, who is suspected of embezzling budget funds, a preventive measure in the form of bail in the amount of 30 million 866 thousand hryvnias.

  This is reported on the VAX Facebook page.

With its decision, the HACC partially satisfied the request of the SAP prosecutor, who asked to arrest Trukhanov with the possibility of posting bail. Trukhanov must pay the money within five days.

In the event of a bail, Trukhanov must:

  •       to arrive at every request in court;
  •       not to leave the territory of Ukraine without the permission of the court;
  •       notify the court about a change in their place of residence and work;
  •       refrain from communicating with persons specified in the court order;
  •       deposit your passport with the State Migration Service of Ukraine for traveling abroad, other documents giving the right to leave Ukraine and enter Ukraine;
  •       wear an electronic control device.

Corruption of Trukhanov and the city council of Odessa.

Recall, according to the NABU investigation, in September 2016, the Odessa City Council purchased a building from a private structure, which was previously part of the property complex of the Krayan plant, at an inflated price. The company tried to transfer the proceeds to companies with signs of fictitiousness.
   According to detectives, city council officials, in particular, Gennady Trukhanov and other defendants in the case, embezzled 92 million hryvnias of budget funds.
Corruption City Council of Odessa.

Three deputy mayors of Odessa accused of corruption

Three deputies of the mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, were charged, they are suspected of participating in corruption schemes. This was stated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).
NABU clarified that in order to achieve their goals, the deputies set up a process of systemic bribery of deputies of the local council and officials. According to the investigation, a member of the land commission received $15,000 from the defendants every month. At the same time, the department did not name the names of the defendants in the case.

Crimes of Trukhanov and Galanternik in Odessa

On October 6, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine signed suspicions to the mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, businessman Vladimir Galanternik, and several city officials.
Galanternik Corruption Odessa
According to the investigation, “all these people were involved in a number of criminal acts aimed at taking possession of land plots in Odessa,” the prosecutor explained. The suspicions were signed as part of the investigation of the criminal case by NABU detectives and SAP prosecutors.


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