Corruption Yuriy Golyk Ukraine

Corruption Yuriy Golyk in Ukraine “Big Construction”.

The figure in the NABU(National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine) case – the curator of “Big construction” Yury Golyk has an Israeli passport (, and can use it to escape abroad!
Yesterday NABU carried out investigative actions against the coordinator of Zelenskyi’s “Big Construction” program, Yury Golik, in the case of embezzlement of money during the construction of roads in the Dnipropetrovsk region. It is about the episode when the company of the well-known “fitness trainer” friend of the Head of State Administration Valentyn Reznichenko during the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation received 1.5 billion hryvnias from the budget of Ukraine. A lover of luxurious life, ex-deputy head of Yermak’s office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, is being investigated by NABU for the same case.

Corruption Yuriy Golyk in Ukraine

Yuriy Golik is the “shadow king” of asphalt tenders, the creator and curator from the OPU of the “theft” program named after Zelensky, on which Ukraine has spent about UAH 300 billion since 2020.

     At a time when the allied states warned Ukraine about the Russian invasion. And it was necessary to prepare for the attack: build defense fortifications, buy weapons, strengthen the army. The Ukrainian government has decided to spend hundreds of billions of hryvnias on the Great Construction. The money for which they gave the company … attention … fitness coach of the head of the Regional Dnipropetrovsk Administration Valentin Reznichenko. According to the majority of Ukrainian politicians and analysts, this is not even incompetent, it’s just IDIOTISM! As a result, corruption and NABU investigations.

Yurii Golik has a passport of an Israeli citizen

As it turned out, in addition to these regalia, Yurii Golik has a passport of an Israeli citizen, which violated the law of Ukraine, because dual citizenship is prohibited in Ukraine, and he can use it to leave the country to escape from justice, as the former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo Shevchenko and ex-head State Mine Synychenko Fund.

Therefore, I submit a statement to the relevant authorities to verify this information and respond in time.

Feasting and theft during the war

While Ukraine lives at the expense of the United States and financial assistance from European countries. Some incompetent Ukrainian deputies, ministers and officials (Russian spies) direct these financial flows to useless projects. Most often, these projects are involved in corruption scandals. And project schemes are pre-created to steal budget billions.

     The Ukrainian government has a huge network of Russian spies. The task of these agents is the destruction of the Ukrainian economy as well as the theft of budget money, and in the future financing of Russian terrorist organizations with this money!


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