Corruption or espionage in Ukraine

Corruption or espionage in the office of the President of Ukraine

Judge Bohdan Lvov dismissed from Supreme Court After Service
security of Ukraine found him Russian citizenship.

But, nothing can make the president’s office do what
what the president’s office doesn’t want to do.

Corruption or espionage in Ukraine

More than four months have passed.
when the SBU confirmed that Bogdan Lvov had Russian citizenship in court.
And also from the moment when the petition demanding to consider the issue of depriving Bogdan Lvov of citizenship gained the necessary 25,000 signatures.
President Zelensky instructed his office, in particular, the commission on citizenship, to make a decision on this issue. But nothing happens. Inaction and .
What is the reason for such inaction?

The president’s office refused
answer even an official question when regarding
Bogdan Lvov will make a decision.

Lawyers of the communities of the organization De jure in November
made a request to the office president.

However, the office of the president refused to provide such information, explaining that it is confidential, and its dissemination may lead to a violation the rights and legitimate interests of Bohdan Lvov himself (this is lobbying whose interests?).

It’s not funny anymore. Who is a spy for whom during the war.
This refusal was appealed by the public organization in court.

And the court ruled wrongful refusal
The president’s office to provide public information upon their request of their decision.

Reportedly, the court directly noted that the requested information is of public importance, and ordered the president to reconsider the request and provide a reasoned response.

Corruption or espionage

The SBU confirmed that Bogdan Lvov had a Russian passport. And it is precisely on the basis of this that I remind you that Bogdan Lvov was fired from the Supreme Court.

So why is the president’s office lobbying for a judge with Russian citizenship?
This silence of the Office of the President regarding Judge Bogdan Lvov is explained by the fact that. Bogdan Lvov is a friend of Andrey Smirnov, Deputy Head of the Office
President and this is the reason for this collective agreement.

So maybe people with Russian citizenship work in the president’s office itself? Very similar to corruption in public services.
Recall who Andrei Smirnov is.

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