Corruption of Dmitry Firtash in Ukraine.

Corruption of Dmitry Firtash in Ukraine

Unexpected news about the corruption of Dmitry Firtash in Ukraine and his economic schemes are back in the media. In Ukraine, the crimes of Dmitry Firtash and his group of companies Regional Gas Company (RGC) have been re-investigated.

Billions of hryvnias were stolen from Ukraine.

Firtash’s companies consumed gas (gas for production and technical expenses), but did not pay money for it. The SSU and ESB (Economic Security Bureau) report that the damage inflicted from 2016-2022 amounts to tens of billions of hryvnias. And some people turned a blind eye to this, not for free, of course.

Corruption of Dmitry Firtash in Ukraine

      But why just now began to disturb the contented old criminal case?
Many Ukrainians have already come to terms with the fact that in Ukraine, being an oligarch, you can steal billions from the budget – and at the same time remain unpunished. Moreover, such oligarchs are patronized by the politicians and the country’s security system – not for free, of course!  So why now?

Strategic financial flows of Ukraine

Our personal opinion is a redistribution of power. Ukrainian strategic financial flows are taken from the first oligarchs (Firtash, Kolomoisky) and given to the second new oligarchs. The Ukrainian media loudly say that all channels (important financial flows) in the country are controlled by the authorities. But it’s all just – WORDS.
      Yes, the “monopoly giants” such as UkrNafta and OblGazy have been nationalized. But in fact, the oligarchs still run these strategic enterprises. Moreover, they are also controlled by the Russian oligarchs (this is a topic for another, large publication). Economic espionage and economic subversion have long become commonplace in Ukraine.

That is why we see the investigation of this case now – Firtash no longer poses a threat to Zelensky’s office. And naive Ukrainians and Western Allies can be told about the “fight against the oligarchs.” And Western partners can be told “look, we are fighting agents of Russian influence!” And the United States will pat the authorities on the shoulder and say “Well done, good job!”

Dmitry Firtash head of a criminal organization

A useful event for Ukraine – the Regional Gas Company has finally been called what it really is – a criminal organization. And Dmitry Firtash is its leader. And earlier, for many years, this organization sold gas to all of Ukraine at inflated prices. And cooperated with the government of Ukraine. So why is only Firtash on trial? Firtash would not have been able to enter the Ukrainian gas market alone and become a monopolist.

Lobbying for Firtash’s corruption in Ukraine

Earlier, journalists at the reception of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) were told directly in the eyes “you understand that the case will be closed.”
The presence of Firtash’s audio recording says that the SSU and ESB still have materials both in relation to him and his partners – you can be sure of this. Corruption of Dmitry Firtash in Ukraine     But whether these materials will go further into the investigation is a question. Because the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies can (lose) this evidence, not for free, of course, in favor of Dmitry Firtash. Ukrainian citizens have already seen enough of similar events. And they have little faith in justice (the Ukrainian court is a separate issue).

Can you praise the SSU and ESB now ??

Yes, better late than never. But time will tell how this crime ends.





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