Corruption in Ukraine

Corruption is an effective russian weapon in Ukraine

Russian spies who have infiltrated the state services of Ukraine are destroying Ukraine and its economy from the inside. Corruption as an economic weapon of Russia is destroying the Ukrainian courts, medicine, economy, police, legal services, business, statehood, and the country’s territorial integrity!

In Ukraine during the war again corruption scandals in public services. The presidential party “Servants of the People” promises to punish corrupt officials. But they did not fulfill their previous promises. And they promise something! People’s trust decreases to this political force.

A bribe for expensive generators.

A bribe for expensive generators.
An official of the Deputy Minister for the Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine Vasily Lozinsky, when he received 400 thousand dollars. Lozinsky is suspected of extorting a bribe to facilitate the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of equipment and machinery at inflated prices.

In the summer, the Government of Ukraine allocated 1.68 billion hryvnia (US money), including for the purchase of generators. According to the materials of the investigation, a number of officials of central and regional executive authorities decided to appropriate part of these funds.

This is corruption during the war in Ukraine. When this money is so necessary for the life of the population. When Russian missiles attack Ukrainian power plants.

The Ukrainian authorities are stealing this money (which is financed by the United States of America)! Corruption in Ukraine is not going to stop. And the Ukrainian authorities have no desire to fight corruption!

Corruption in Naftogaz of Ukraine

Andrey Kobolev suspected of misappropriation of more than 229 million hryvnia. We are talking about the award after a series of proceedings in the Stockholm Arbitration.
The Supervisory Board of Naftogaz approved the payment of bonuses in the amount of one percent of the winnings to those of its employees.

The money was received by 41 employees of Naftogaz, among them were Kobolev and Yuriy Vitrenko, at that time the executive director of the company.

Corruption in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Corruption in Ukraine

Loud accusations of corruption were also made against employees of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Overpriced food for the military.

Journalist Yuriy Nikolov published an investigation in the publication, according to which the Ministry of Defense buys wholesale food for military personnel at prices two to three times higher than those sold at retail in Kyiv supermarkets.

Nikolov refers to the agreement concluded by the Ministry of Defense for more than 13 billion hryvnias, a copy of which the journalist has. After this investigation, the head of the Ministry of Defense, Alexei Reznikov, did not resign (he was not even arrested). What kind of fight against corruption in Ukraine are we talking about? It’s a complete kleptocracy! Corruption is russian weapon in Ukraine.

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