Corruption in the tax service of Ukraine.

Corruption in the tax service of Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs and tax experts of Ukraine, massively complain to the Mass Media about dangerous corruption in the tax service of Ukraine. They demand bribes from small and medium-sized businesses and blackmail enterprises with the help of tax invoices.

The tax service, manually blocks tens of thousands of enterprises throughout Ukraine, blocks their tax invoices! For unblocking the enterprise, the tax mafia asks for a percentage of the profits. The victims and experts name the specific person who is at the head of this tax war, this is Danilo Getmantsev (Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax Service Issues). Danilo Getmantsev says one thing, but does something completely different, he is not responsible for his actions and for his words. The interview tells a lot of lies and misinformation!

Entrepreneur Dmitry Nikiforov (owner of a drinking water plant) said that he was going to deploy a business in Poland, since it is impossible to conduct a clean and honest business in Ukraine. And so think the majority of entrepreneurs in Ukraine! This is an economic war against Ukrainian business, against the economy of Ukraine. This threatens the security of Ukraine as a whole!

Quote: The tax service just steals our money, forcibly withdraws it from circulation! The Tax Service does not refund (as required by law) value added tax to entrepreneurs. This is not bureaucracy – this is real corruption!

Destruction of Ukrainian business.

Andrey Dligach (Doctor of Economic Sciences) says: more than 160,000,000,000 hryvnias were taken out of business due to the blocking of tax invoices by the tax service. Both victims and experts together blame Danil Getmantsev for what is happening. And they assure that the ego needs to be checked by the security services of Ukraine (SBU), because this is a sabotage against the Ukrainian economy. And Andrey Dligach (Doctor of Economics) assures that this is a corruption scheme, because all entrepreneurs were given to understand that if the company pays from 3-5%, then it will unblock the tax invoice, or 10-20% – for VAT refunds (tax on additional value).

Getmantsev worked as an assistant to Volodymyr Sivkovich.

In the Verkhovna Rada of the IV-VI convocations, Daniil Hetmantsev worked on a voluntary basis as an assistant to the people’s deputy from the faction of the Party of Regions Vladimir Sivkovich. Vladimir Sivkovich, a former associate of one of the key players in the team of Vladimir Zelensky, Daniil Getmantsev. Sivkovich came under US sanctions as an agent of influence of the FSB. This gave rise to public distrust of doubts about Getmantsev himself.

This corruption scheme has been working for many months, many businesses in Ukraine have closed (destroyed). Entrepreneurs of Ukraine do not believe a single word of this economic criminal Getmantsev. And at the same time, the budget of Ukraine does not receive colossal amounts. People are losing their jobs, public discontent is growing. And most importantly, the Ukrainian authorities are losing credibility! Who benefits from this during the war with the Russian Federation?
And who is Hetmantsev really?

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