Corruption in the gaming business of Ukraine.

Corruption in the gaming business non-payment of billions of taxes to the budget of Ukraine.

The state budget of Ukraine annually loses 10 billion hryvnias in taxes from the gambling business. The annual turnover of the gambling market in Ukraine is 180 billion hryvnia, of which the players hide 54 billion thanks to the use of banks (probably in the dark). What does the scheme look like?

The legalized gaming business in 2022 paid UAH 730 million in taxes to the state budget, and UAH 1.166 billion in licensing fees. In total, about 1.9 billion hryvnia per year. At first glance, a good amount.

However, if we take the total turnover of the gambling legal and illegal market of UAH 180 billion, then the tax will be only 1.2% of the turnover. Such information was announced during a meeting of the temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada chaired by People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

Сorruption in the gaming business in Ukraine.

According to the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), today 54 billion hryvnias are laundered a year, or 30% of the turnover of the gambling business – this is the gross income of the organizers. 25% or 13 billion hryvnias of this amount is spent on expenses for organizing a criminal scheme. Another 5% goes to advertising gambling tools.

Thus, the net profit of gambling companies is 36 billion hryvnia per year, or 20% of the total turnover received by the organizers abroad without any taxes and accounting. The state budget annually loses about 10 billion hryvnia in taxes.

Schemes of Corruption of the gaming business in Ukraine.

According to the investigation commission of the Verkhovna Rada, the following accounts of the following banks were used in this scheme: IBox Bank, ConcordBank, COMINBANK, Ukrgasbank, Oxi Bank, Unex Bank, MTBank, Russian Sense Bank and others.

After the appearance of information about the possible participation of Ukrgasbank in the scheme on the gaming market, its head Andriy Kravets resigned of his own free will. After the last meeting, Alena Shevtsova left the position of the head of the Supervisory Board of IBox Bank.

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, in this case there is strong pressure on the bodies of pre-trial investigation, procedural guidance and operational support by interested parties. Because it is possible to expose the illegal leaching of about $10.2 billion a year from Ukraine during the war. And not only from the gaming business and casinos! This scheme is used by many corrupt officials.

Corruption with online casino taxes.

Another unresolved issue is the multitude of illegal online casinos. The Gambling Regulatory Commission handed over 1,789 websites of illegal gambling sites to Internet operators and Law Enforcement. 55 sites with illegal lotteries. And a list with 606 illegal gambling establishments. Of which more than 300 establishments are only in the city of Kyiv.

The Commission itself does not have the authority to conduct test purchases to document violators, and asks legislators to give it this opportunity. Oh my God. The Gambling Regulatory Commission asks to do the work that Law Enforcement Agencies (police, cyberpolice) should do.

According to Zhmerenetsky, most of them (online casinos) do not have the ability to accept payments. “But we checked the work of the most notorious Russian casino 1XBET. I was able to easily make a payment through some European payment system, “fastened” to the site. Authorities claim that only the NSDC (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) can block websites. 240 companies are under consideration by the National Security and Defense Council.However, these public services (NSDC) are in no hurry to do so. And the Ukrainian budget annually loses tens of billions of dollars!

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  1. The black market in Ukraine is a lot of money. Billions of dollars do not fall into the state budget. Ukraine is losing opportunities in its development, corruption is to blame!

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