Bribe in the Supreme Court of Ukraine

Bribe in the Supreme Court of Ukraine

The detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, together with the prosecutors of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, caught on a bribe not just any judge, but the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Vsevolod Knyazev. The size of the bribe surprised many – as much as 3 million US dollars.

Who bribed the judge

As it turned out, Vsevolod Knyazev received funds from the fugitive odious oligarch Konstantin Zhevago, who is now under house arrest in France in the case of embezzlement of funds from the Finance and Credit Bank. The French court refused to extradite the disgraced oligarch to Ukraine, and he is quietly holed up in France.
      This is a story about how a corrupt official is trying to bribe the courts of Ukraine. And the courts don’t seem to mind. But something went wrong!
      This story may hit Zhevago again, and still force French justice to hand over a suspected corruption to Ukraine.

Russian oligarchs Alexander Babakov and Evgeny Giner

The first disputes around the enterprise (Poltava Mining and Processing Plant) arose back in 2005.
Behind 4 offshore companies that sued the Ukrainian businessman were Russian oligarchs Alexander Babakov and Evgeny Giner. The lawsuits continued for 17 years. The courts took the side of the Russian oligarchic clan, then on the side of Zhevago.
      But at the end of 2022, the Supreme Court of Ukraine put an end to the dispute, recognizing the ownership of Zhevago’s structures to the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant. And this decision became fatal for the head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Vsevolod Knyazev. And perhaps for the Ukrainian oligarch Konstantin Zhevago.

Russian oligarchs Alexander Babakov and Evgeny Giner

18 corrupt Ukrainian judges

But it’s not the end yet. Searches were also carried out at the homes of 18 judges of the Supreme Court. Step by step, the investigation established a criminal trail not only in the decision in favor of the Zhevago group. But also in the influence of judges of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the competition commission to the High Qualifications Commission of Judges and other malfeasance.

Konstantin Zhevago vs. Igor Kolomoisky

In Ukraine, there were, are and will be people (spies) who are interested in the “victory of the Russians.” Winning the economic war is Russia’s fundamental goal. In Ukraine, at the legislative level, instruments for the forced confiscation of the assets of the aggressor country (Russia) are fixed. Therefore, if the court recognized the enterprise as illegally obtained into the ownership of Zhevago, the Poltava MPP (Mining and Processing Plant) would become state property.
       And then … there are rumors that back in 2021,
Igor Kolomoisky agreed with the Russians that after the completion of the trials, the Poltava mining and processing plant will become the property of the oligarch Kolomoisky. Of course, not for free (for a bribe).

Who is killing the economy of Ukraine

We are watching the struggle for the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant. Which brings billions of dollars in income a year to its owners. Zhevago, Kolomoisky and Russian oligarchs Alexander Babakov and Evgeny Giner are fighting for him. In this battle, all possible connections are used – acquaintances, bribes, corruption.

Economic war destroys Ukraine

      But the most important thing – this MPP (Poltava Mining and Processing Plant) – was the property of Ukraine in the past. The plant filled the budget of Ukraine with billions. With this money, Ukraine could buy weapons to protect against Russia, pay salaries to civil servants.
     But unfortunately now these billions are in the pockets of the oligarchs. Oligarchs at a certain time, using bribes and corruption, privatized this enterprise for a penny! And the state is even closer and closer to default. This is an economic war!


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