Corruption in Ukraine

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     Corruption is the main problem of Ukraine. In Ukraine, corruption is present in all strategic public services of the Ukrainian state. Medicine, Law enforcement, Ministry of Defense, Police, Security services, Justice, Parliament, Political parties – they are all involved in money laundering and bribery. But, every corruption has a Last Name, First Name, Patronymic, and these criminals must be fought! Most of them are spies.

Corruption at Ukrainian customsCorruption at Ukrainian customs

Due to corruption at customs in Ukraine, the Ukrainian budget loses billions of dollars every month. At Ukrainian customs there is a massive, systematic falsification of tax invoices. For bribes, tax inspectors and officers become billionaires and the Ukrainian budget loses stability. Reputable Ukrainian journalists and activists constantly ask this question to the Ukrainian government. But not the president, not ministers, not deputies can solve this problem. It seems that it is not the Ukrainian authorities that control the customs… but the customs that controls the authorities in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities and politicians continue to take loans from the United States and Europe and at the same time dance the tango with corruption, which is destroying the Country from the inside.

Corruption in the judicial system of Ukraine

Corruption in the judicial system of UkraineAccording to analysts from the American CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), corruption in the Ukrainian judicial system is the main problem in Ukraine. According to their conclusion, Ukrainian courts are open to outright trading in the necessary court decisions. The courts work to please whoever pays them the most. All legal proceedings are saturated with bribery. Ukrainian laws are poorly written and often contradict each other, which allows them to be interpreted in any way. Therefore, criminals easily evade responsibility.

A 2009 survey by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine showed that only 10% of respondents trust the Ukrainian justice system. Less than 30% believe it is possible to get a fair hearing in court.

Russian spies and oligarchs in Ukraine

Corruption in UkraineThere are many politicians, oligarchs, Russian spies in Ukraine. All of them used bribery of the police, deputies and ministers of industry and defense to gain power. These events can destroy Ukraine as a state. Every year Ukraine loses tens of billions of dollars due to corruption. The stolen billions go offshore. Most often, offshore Russian oligarchs and special services of Russia.
     With the help of a bribe, a criminal can buy very cheaply a large strategic state-owned plant, a defense enterprise. Or he can pay off the verdict of the court. Do not pay customs duties, become a deputy (government official), and so on. All this is sold for a bribe! As a result, incompetent people (real idiots) work in the government. Sometimes the real criminals work in the government! Frequent bribery and espionage creates absolute criminal chaos in Ukraine. And as a result, on February 24, 2022, the War in Ukraine began!

Human trafficking and sex industry in Ukraine.

     Ukraine has gained a reputation for a corrupt system of governance. And confidence for criminals in the possibility of escaping punishment.
The expert community believes that corruption is the main reason for the widespread sexual exploitation of children in Ukraine.
      The total number of underage Ukrainians who provide sex services reaches 25,000 people. And the main government knows about it. But he prefers to close his eyes to this problem. Illegal sex services create a huge black market under the auspices of the country’s security forces.

sex corruption in ukraine

Corruption in Ukraine contributed to the start of the war in Ukraine.

Russian spies, using bribes and bribing officials, infiltrated the Ukrainian intelligence services, politics, strategic facilities and began to destroy Ukraine from the inside. They are destroying Ukrainian democracy, freedom of speech, economic potential and the army of Ukraine from within.
But each such problem has a Surname, Name, Patronymic. And these criminals must be punished by International and Ukrainian law!

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